With Ur Love and support Cher Lloyd’s battle with illiteracy will finally be over.

Just when none of us thought it possible to love them even an ounce more, Foo Fighters cause quite a stir from the back of a pickup truck as religious protesters picketed outside their concert.

Warning: Dave and Co’s new look will blow your mind. So will the genius of the protesters.

@robistf was ‘ere?  (Taken with instagram)

@robistf was ‘ere? (Taken with instagram)

This tune sums up this oh so very sunny Sunday in London. Posi vibes all day! Thanks Rizzle Kicks and Record Of The Day.

Talking shit about a pop-punk show again.

2011 has been one for the books as nostalgic snacks are concerned; Limp Bizkit (yeah, they definitely count), The Starting Line and Yellowcard all making sweet appearances on British shores. However, New Found Glory live at Electric Ballroom is one of my top 5 shows of this year - even despite covering Ramones (predictable, not terrible).

I went to the show for Bring The Noise and this is my review.


Readin 2011 may mark the official end of summer and these pictures mark the end of life as we know it. Phew! Because how much more can our limbs, livers and lobes take? 

Bring on 2012 for another epic festival season of Olympian proportions.

Love to everyone who made it spesh!

If like me the thought of a Blink 182 return to glory has left you weak at the knees then this latest offering will certainly make you quiver. Where ‘Hearts All Gone’ gave a hefty nod to old school favourite Dude Ranch, ‘Up All Night’ is a flawlessly pursuit of pastures new and a far grittier sound than Blink 182 has really touched before.

Baby Evan Christopher White, you burst my heart.  (Taken with instagram)

Baby Evan Christopher White, you burst my heart. (Taken with instagram)